The jaded philosopher is me, Jon Goulding. I have lectured in philosophy for over twenty years, mostly at A level but some at degree level. I have also worked in adult education as both a tutor and an administrator. Prior to studying for my degree as a mature student, I worked in local government. My home is near Padstow in Cornwall.

My blog (www.thejadedphilosopher.com) will mainly cover philosophy, current affairs and education. Most, though not quite all, the philosophy will be suitable for newcomers to the subject. Indeed, some of it will be what a good friend of mine would dismiss as ‘philosophy lite’. Occasionally a more technical post will appear and, even more occasionally, I may indulge myself in a little vanity publishing.

Hopefully, though this philosopher may be a little jaded, the philosophy won’t be.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Jon, I would really love to have a chat with you. Certainly, I understand the ‘jaded’ part of the theme very well, and wanted to consult your advice on a matter…

    • Hi Jonathan. Thanks for your message. What is it that you’d like to chat about?

      • Jonathan says:

        Well actually it is a two fold ‘request’: I wanted to ask some advice about a certain institution that you are familiar with. I also thought I’d, as it were, ‘reach out’ to one of the precious few other philosophers who reside in Cornwall. The former is an altogether more delicate matter, but the latter is about trying to capitalise on a happy coincidence!

      • I am always pleased to make contact with other philosophers, especially if they’re in Cornwall. I’ve emailed you direct.

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